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Operator / inspection rounds

Remove the need for paper and spreadsheets with a fully integrated mobile solution for data collection.

Building on the power and flexibility of the Opralog system, Mobilog takes the power of Opralog to mobile devices (Windows, iOS and Android). Users can record events ‘on the move’ without the need to access a desktop or laptop PC.

Data collect in the field will no longer be lost or filed away with no action.


Mobilog ensures consistency and best practices are applied across the plant by every operator therefore improving compliance and accountability.


Data is immediately validated and operating procedures are at the fingertips of the people that need them in the field.

If problems are found, Mobilog can immediately guide the user through additional steps and the number of events that can be logged or actions to address the issue.


There are no restrictions to the types and number of events that can be logged so Mobilog can be used to capture any plant event, whether that is pre-planned event logging, operator logging, ad hoc exceptions or observations.

Data is pushed back to Opralog to report, analyse and provide immediate visibility of the key events to everyone across the organisation.

Mobilog ensures adherence to operating and regulatory procedures, data is efficiently collected on non-instrumental plant assets, critical environmental, health and safety inspections are carried out on schedule and ad hoc events and observations are recorded and shared.


Change makes all the difference. Infotechnics can transform your operations making them more streamlined, more strategic and save you time across the field.


Replace paper / clipboards with digital technology.

Avoid duplication of effort.

Provide instant feedback to operators in the field.

Instant communication with control room.

Ensure processes and procedures are followed.

Ensure all of the correct information is recorded.

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