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Real time data integration

Combine human processes with real-time data sources such as OSIsoft PI and Wonderware.

Plant systems such as DCS, plant historian, CMMS, Safety systems etc will tell the operator the status of the plant but not provide the context – this is provided by the people.

Opralog enhances the ability of operational logs to act as a source of management information and records key site status information on safety, environment, commercial, plant and other issues to support shift handover and production meetings.

Opralog also has the ability to leverage data already held in Asset Management and Plant Information systems such as OSIsoft PI, Wonderware, Maximo and SAP, meaning that capturing plant events can also be obtained automatically via standard interfaces. 

Greater knowledge of prevailing plant status and significant events allow speedier and more informed interpretations of the “hard” performance data.


Make more from your manufacturing. Infotechnics can transform your manufacturing operations making them more streamlined, more strategic and save you time across the field.


Automate data capture.

Opralog becomes the central portal for the operator.

Remove data duplication and effort of entering information in multiple systems.

Standard interfaces to many common plant historians allows plant events to be triggered automatically.

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