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Shift handover software

Aim for seamless shift changes with accurate and reliable communication of relevant information.  Ensure safety and smooth operations.


Shift handovers aren't just routine—they're the bridge to continued excellence!

Health, safety and environment have always been important to the industry but recent events have brought them to the fore. Accidents such as Buncefield, Texas City and the Gulf of Mexico spill are examples of how poor shift handover and lack of communication of operational information in particular can be a contributing factor to major incidents. How can Opralog help ensure a better shift handover?

The handover process can encompass a wide range of information including the logs of past events, the current plant status, and issues for future shifts.


This is true for shift handovers that occur on a daily basis and for trip handovers that may occur weekly, monthly or at longer intervals.

Opralog has the ability for each area to configure its own logbook and handover structures.


This user centered solution achieves buy-in from the user base and subsequently leads to higher quality handover.


This is much more desirable than imposing a rigid system on operators that does not meet their own individual or departmental requirements.

Opralog ensures handovers are structured and consistent and the important information does not get missed. 


Change makes all the difference. Infotechnics can transform your operations making them more streamlined, more strategic and save you time across the field.


Improve communication. Easily share information across the organisation.

A centralised system. Remove paper, spreadsheets and documents

Improve visibility. Highlight critical events – Nothing gets missed

Process and procedure. Ensure a safe, consistent shift handover.

Reduced workload. The handover is automatically produced in real-time during the shift.

Approvals and sign-off. Shifts can be locked, approved and signed off.

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