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Operations logbook and shift handover software

For the last 25 years the worlds largest oil & gas, power and chemical companies  have used Opralog to standardise operational logging and ensure a safe and efficient shift handover.  

Standardise the shift handover process

Replace paper, spreadsheets and inefficient documents to guide operators through each event and operational procedure to ensure nothing is missed.  Opralog standardises data collection, improves communication and makes key plant data instantly accessible across your organisation.

Get complete control and visibility of your plant operations.

With Opralog people are no longer searching for information.  Whether it's a single plant or an entire fleet the system holds the data centrally and makes it easy to search, filter and report on key data.  Information is immediately available either in standard reports, powerful analytics or enterprise dashboards.    

A configurable platform that will evolve with your business

Using a simple point and click interface, each element of the system is configurable to meet your specific business processes and logging requirements,   Electronic forms and information templates are easily configured to capture plant events in a standard format.

Improve data collection accuracy and reduce operator workload

Primarily the system is designed to help the operator.  It's quick and intuitive to record entries and won't get in the way of actually running the plant.  We can also leverage data from common plant systems such as OSIsoft PI System, Maximo, Infor and SAP - standard interfaces mean plant events can be captured automatically with less room for human error.

Oil derrick

Improve communications

Wind Mills

Reduce the risk of process safety incidents

Power Plant

Increase productivity and performance

Central control room

Improve plant reliability


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Shift handover

Improve communication, reduce risk, increase safety and boost productivity and performance. Communicate more effectively and efficiently in order to improve plant reliability.

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Operational logging

Save time and increase operational visibility across the business whilst reducing downtime and improving plant reliability.

Inhibits & overrides

Inhibits & overrides

Providing control, visibility, tracking and management of risk across the organisation

Incident management

Incident management

Improve communications and reduce the risk of people related incidents occurring. All data is held in one location making post-incident analysis easily trackable.

Process safety

Process safety

Improved shift handover and enhanced communication will streamline process safety throughout your organisation.

Environmental reporting

Environmental reporting

Satisfy compliance requirements and ensure data is consistent and accurate with data templates. Have complete visibility of environmental performance.

Action tracking

Task Management

Nothing gets missed.  Generate tasks from logbook events and manage the lifecycle across shifts and teams. View and report all tasks in one central platform.

Work instructions

Work instructions

Improve incident avoidance and reduce error prone paperwork. Efficiently monitor and report key plant operations which are instantly shared across the organisation with no loss of data..

Oil derrick

“Opralog has provided us with a clear and up-to-date picture of offshore operations. This tool has also improved communications both offshore and onshore and ensures a safe handover of information”



Standardise the shift handover process with configurable shift templates and forms.

Ensure compliance and accountability — Task management and audit tracking ensures transparency on every entry.

Enterprise visibility of plant information - nothing is missed. 

Reduction in error-prone paperwork. 

Opralog integrates seamlessly with plant historians such as OSIsoft PI, Wonderware and IP.21.

Improved Incident Avoidance — Data is instantly visible and quickly acted upon.