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Action management and tracking software

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Configurable software tool for the management and tracking of corporate actions to ensure visibility, compliance and reduce risk.

Capture actions and accountability from events such as board decisions, meetings, continuous improvement projects, audits, HSE incidents and quality assessments.

Usability couldn't be easier.

Actions and reports can be viewed, managed and acted upon from the familiar Microsoft Office environment, a web dashboard or a mobile device

Bring together all action items into one system ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

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Drive better, more efficient management across your business when it comes to daily workloads, decision making, incident management and corrective action items.

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Improve decision tracking — nothing slips through the cracks

Wind Mills

Ensure compliance and reduce risk

Power Plant

Manage key actions from meetings, projects, incidents, audits and monitor quality control

Central control room

Provide real time visibility and status for every action within your organisation


Audit management

Audit management

Define, plan and perform the audit.  Capture non-conformances, gather supporting evidence and ensure recommendations are followed through.  Quick and intuitive reporting and complete visibility of the process.

Action tracking

Decision tracking

Fully integrated with Microsoft Office, generate actions from management meetings within any document, spreadsheet or email. View and track all actions in one central database, ensure 100% visibility.

Quality management

Quality management

Take control of your outputs and performance.  Improve collaboration and manage continuous improvement.  Ensure complete visibility of corrective and preventative actions.

Incident management

Incident management

Manage incident investigations within the familiar MS Office environment. Corrective and preventative actions can be recorded, assigned, and tracked to completion. Ensure compliance and drive continuous improvement across the organisation.


Capture the what, who and when... nothing falls through the cracks. Effectively manage unstructured and ad hoc processes in your familiar working environment.

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Fully integrated with Microsoft Office— Word, Outlook, Excel. Work within your familiar work space environment.

Connected anywhere. Initiate, respond and report on actions from any location with web and mobile solutions.

Quick, intuitive and simple. Create & manage complex actions from any process. Capture all communication, attachments and sub tasks in one line item.

Flexible and configurable. Customise action types and document templates to capture the important data from any process.

Fully integrated dashboard and reporting tools to enable quick and easy visibility of task status.

Integration. Provides an open platform to integrate with external systems to automatically track and manage actions from any 3rd party system.

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