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Action tracking

Enterprise wide action tracking – from operational actions through to management decisions and meeting minutes.

Capture actions and ensure nothing falls through the cracks with our enterprise wide action tracking tool, Actionbase.

Within every organisation there are unstructured and ad hoc processes that are difficult to manage.


Examples such as management meetings, continuous improvement projects, quality control and audits all involve a process that is typically different each time it is carried out.

Although organisations attempt to model and standardise these processes flexibility is required and therefore much of the important information such as human communication, decisions and actions are captured in tools such as email and documents.

Email, documents and spreadsheets are tools that provide the user with a flexible approach but unfortunately they also lack transparency, are difficult to monitor and can quickly become out of control.

ActionBase allows people to continue to work in their familiar environment of e-mail and documents but adds structure to that so that they can actually manage it, report and track and know exactly what’s going on in each business process.


Change makes all the difference. Infotechnics can transform your operations making them more streamlined, more strategic and save you time across the field.


Improve decision tracking. Nothing slips through the cracks

Ensure compliance & reduce risk.

Manage key actions from meetings, projects, incidents, audits and monitor quality control

Provide real time visibility and status for every action within your organisation.

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